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Eric & Kathleen Adams co-authors
Husband and wife team Eric, a filmmaker & journalist, and Kathleen, a psychotherapist, work together on books and films whenever the opportunity arises. Passionate about travel, food & wine, these former New Yorkers have called the Sonoma County Wine Country of Northern California home for almost 30 years.
Discover California Selected
  Short Outings

Overnight in San Francisco

Dorothy Anderson
Master storyteller, Dorothy Daniels Anderson, specializes in telling true historical tales about Arizona and the Southwest. She not only researches, develops and writes all her own stories, but has captivated hundreds of audiences in the Southwest with the compelling magic of Arizona's colorful past.
Arizona Legends & Lore

Maria Teresa Bermúdez
A native of Tucson, Arizona, Maria Teresa has an avid interest in preserving the authenticity of Mexican cookery. With her basic love of cooking and her collection of favorite family recipes, her long-cherished dream to write a "home-style" Mexican cook book has become a reality.
Mexican Family Favorites

Mark C. Blazek (Deceased)
An Illinois native, Mark fell in love with pecans while attending school in Socorro, New Mexico. Cooking and experimenting with pecan recipes led to the writing of this extremely popular cook book.
Pecan-Lovers' Cook Book

Susan K. Bollin
Susan is a geologist and an author. In addition to Southwestern and Mexican food cook books, she has written books on environmental and earth science for adults and children, and dog, cat and horse owner books.
Quick-n-Easy Mexican Recipes;
Salsa Lovers Cook Book;
Chip and Dip Lovers Cook Book

Debe Branning
Debe has been the director of the paranormal team, the MVD Ghostchasers, since 1995. She and her band of rowdy ghost hunters conduct regular investigations of haunted historic locations throughout Arizona. Debe has ghost-hunted with paranormal investigators across the country, including teams in Nebraska, Louisiana, Texas and Kentucky.
Sleeping with Ghosts

Pete Chasar
Pete Chasar, who grew up in New Jersey and for 28 years lived in Arizona, is now a writer and artist on the southern Oregon coast. While in Arizona, he became an avid hiker and advocate for preservation, particularly preservation of Scottsdale's McDowell Mountains. He was a founding member and original chair of the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, a member of Scottsdale's McDowell Mountains Task Force and two committees of Scottsdale's McDowell Mountains Preserve Commission, and served as communications chair for the committee behind a successful 1995 Scottsdale preserve tax ballot measure. Today, one of his paintings hangs permanently at the McDowell Preserve's Gateway building, and he was recently honored at the dedication of that building. In addition to his achievements as a volunteer preservationist, Chasar had a 35-year advertising career, and he wrote the Keep America Beautiful theme: People start pollution. People can stop it.
Desert Spring: Learning to Love and Preserve Wild Arizona

James R. Cunkle
As a boy James Cunkle traveled with his father into remote areas of the Southwest. As a teenager he traveled alone over hundreds of miles of wilderness and discovered prehistoric caves, petroglyphs and archaeological sites that were as yet unrecorded. James is now the Coordinator and Director of the White Mountain Archaeological Center of St. Johns, Arizona.
Talking Pots, Deciphering the Symbols of a Prehistoric People;
Treasures of Time, A Guide to Prehistoric Ceramics of the Southwest;
Stone Magic of the Ancients, co-authored with Markus A. Jacquemain

Frank Del Monte
Frank considers himself to be a native of Arizona who, through an accident of birth, was born in Washington DC. Frank bought his first motorcycle at age 15 and has been hooked on motorcycle touring ever since. The owner of Western States Motorcycle Tours, Inc. in Phoenix, the company rents touring motorcycles for use in the Southwest. This book is the result of his clients asking, "Where should I go? What should I see?"
Motorcycle Arizona!

Dave DeWitt
Dave is one of the foremost authorities in the world on chile peppers and spicy foods. In the late 1970s Dave researched and wrote numerous magazine and newspaper articles on chile peppers. Dave was the editor-in chief of Chile Pepper magazine which he launched in 1987 with Nancy Gerlach and an Albequerque publisher.
Cuisines of the Southwest

Bobbi Fischer and Bruce Fischer-Co-authors
Bobbi Fischer is a Registered Nurse and family therapist. Her hobbies include hiking, cooking and Mexican food. Originally from Boston, Bobbi fell in love with the Southwest and is now admittedly addicted to Mexican foods.

Bruce Fischer is a professional videographer, musician and a native of Phoenix. He has been preparing and serving Mexican dishes for most of his life. Like Bobbi, he too is addicted to Mexican food (but won't admit it.)
Tortilla Lover;
Grand Canyon Cook Book;
Utah Cook Book;
Western Breakfast and Brunch Recipes;
Arizona is for Kids;
Desert Discovery

Mildred Morris Fischer
In addition to an enthusiasm for culinary delights, Mildred is an ardent theatre-goer, world traveler and museum buff. Many of her cook books were co-authored with her husband Al.
Chili Lovers' Cook Book;
Best Barbecue Recipes;
Arizona Cook Book;
Chili-Lovers Cook Book;
California Cook Book;
London Theatre Today;
Mexico's West Coast Beaches;
Arizona Museums

Karen Hursh Graber
Moving from California to Mexico to teach at the state university in Puebla, Karen developed an interest in the unique cuisine of the area. She writes for the internet magazine Mexico Connect, where she is Senior Moderator of the Food Forum.
Take This Chile & Stuff It!

Dianne Halicki
Dianne Halicki and co-author Ellen Robson live two separate lives, one living in Arizona and the other in Michigan, with Route 66 stretched out between them. Their first meeting at a writers' conference on Route 66 included an evening in a cemetery listening to ghost stories. This first meeting launched a long friendship and a love of storytelling, ghost hunting, and of course, Route 66.
Haunted Highways

Thelma Heatwole (Deceased)
An adventuresome spirit, Thelma rode camels, soared in turbo jets, hovered in helicopters, interviewed generals and spent the better part of her life as a reporter-photographer. Passionately enthusiastic about Arizona history, she developed a particular fascination for Arizona ghost towns. In her inimitable intimate style, she captivated the public with her tales and photos of these historical places of Arizona's yesteryear.
Arizona Hideaways;
Ghost Towns;
Arizona Off the Beaten Path

Rick Heetland (Deceased)
Rick moved to Arizona from Minnesota to operate an ice cream shop and restaurant. With his restaurant neighboring a date ranch, Heetland's curiosity about the fruit was aroused. He soon found himself leaving the restaurant and taking over the date ranch. Over the years, Rick was urged by his customers to publish their favorite date recipes in a book.
Date Recipes

Ferne Holmes
Ferne and husband John have spent most of their vacations and weekends hunting, fishing and camping in Arizona, the West and Mexico. During these years she kept a notebook of her camping recipes. Among travelers, Ferne has become widely-known as "the traveling cook" because of her interest in traveling, camping, hunting and cooking.
Easy RV Recipes;
Easy Recipes for Wild Game and Fish

Charles D. "Chuck" Lauer
Over the years, Lauer's principal avocation was reading about and researching Arizona history and visiting historical sites around the state. Retired from real estate, he is now realizing his dream of becoming a Western writer. A competent photographer, several of his photographs appear in Old West Adventures.
Arrows, Bullets and Saddle Sores;
Old West Adventures in Arizona;
Tales of Arizona Territory;
Arizona Trails and Tales

Mari Meyers
Originally from Minnesota, Mari is a long-time resident of Phoenix. She gained a familiarity with much of Mexico and its cuisine over twenty years ago, but truly fell in love with the town and of Alamos, Sonora, where her sister has a home. Mari feels the pleasant and accepting people of Alamos symbolize the vibrant beauty of Mexico and its appealing cuisine, and where she has done her "real" Mexican cooking.
Gourmet Gringo

Lynn Nusom
Lynn has owned and operated award winning restaurants, and was the executive chef of a four-star four-diamond hotel. He has written over 700 newspaper and magazine articles on food, reviews cook books, and makes frequent appearances on television demonstrating cooking techniques and gives lectures on southwestern cuisine.
Christmas in New Mexico;
Christmas in Arizona;
The Tequila Cook Book;
Billy the Kid Cook Book

Dale Pierce
Dale wears many hats; author of four books, articles for newspapers and magazines, and contributor to a massive encyclopedia on bullfighting published in Spain. He writes for various newspapers published in France, Mexico and Spain. Dale also handles publicity for budding celebrities in various aspects of the entertainment field.
Wild West Characters

Edgar "Frosty" Potter (Deceased)
Born in 1895, Frosty grew up on the Diamond N ranch in North Dakota. Slang those days was as common as tumbleweeds. Frosty's revised Cowboy Slang book now has an outstanding collection of around 2,000 slang phrases collected over a period of some 70 years of western living.
Cowboy Slang;
Cowboys Talk Right Purty

Ellen Robson
Ellen Robson, and co-author Dianne Halicki, live two separate lives, one in Arizona and the other in Michigan, with Route 66 stretched out between them. Their first meeting at a writers' conference on Route 66 included an evening in a cemetery listening to ghost stories This meeting launched a long friendship and a love of storytelling, ghost hunting, and of course, Route 66.
Haunted Highway

Guy Sagi
Guy was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. He has served as editor in chief of Safari Club International's Safari Times, Mule Deer magazine and is currently Executive Editor for NRA's Insights, Shooting Sports USA, and Shooting Illustrated magazines.
Hunting Small Game in Arizona;
Fishing Arizona

Chef Morty Star
A vegetarian for almost 25 years, Morty spent many years experimenting with sprout diets, fruitarian diets, raw food diets and juice regimens to create this collection of purely vegetarian recipes. He believes passionately that the consumption of animal fats is harmful to good health.
Veggie Lovers' Cook Book

Sandy Szwarc
Sandy is an accomplished food writer, having written for several regional New Mexico newspapers. With more than fifteen years in recipe development, her recipes have received multiple national recognitions. She is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the Association of Food Journalists, and the Association of Women in Communication.
Real New Mexico Chile

Marshall Trimble
Arizona's favorite native son, Marshall Trimble is often referred to as the "Will Rogers of Arizona." The cowboy singer-storyteller is one of the most sought after banquet and convention speakers in the state. While enjoying the reputation of being one of American's most colorful raconteurs of this nation's folk history, he is also considered Arizona's Official State Historian. He taught Arizona and Western history at the college level for 27 years.
Arizona Adventure;
In Old Arizona;
Arizona Trivia

Dale L. Walker
A freelance writer since 1960, Walker specializes in Western American history, military history, 19th and early 20th century journalism, war correspondence, and Jack London studies. He is a biographer, historian, anthologist, newspaper book columnist, reviewer, and editor. Walker has written over twenty books and 400 magazine articles.

Janet Walker
Janet Walker has always had a passion for cooking. Living in the northwest, Janet cooks with all of the ingredients plentiful in the area, delectable fruits, crunchy nuts, flavorful vegetables, juicy berries, and fresh seafood from Pacific shores. It is Janet's love for cooking that prompted her to write her first cook book in 1994.
Washington Cook Book;
Oregon Cook Book;
Christmas in Washington;
Idaho Cook Book;
Montana Cook Book

Jim Willoughby (Deceased)
Jim always said he skipped childhood, went to college and art school and spent his life illustrating and drawing cartoons for books, magazines and newspapers. Jim's sculptures, paintings and drawings are represented in Arizona art galleries, the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, and numerous private collections.
Cowboy Country Cartoons;
Cowboy Cartoon Cook Book,
co-authored with wife Sue.